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TV series featuring Suffolk police starts next Sunday

PC Sam Chittock and PC James ‘Mufty’ Moughton – Photo: ITN Productions / Adam Webster

The first episode of a new TV series which features Suffolk Police will air at 6pm on Dave next Sunday.

With exclusive access to the county’s police, Fast Justice is an observational documentary series following the force as they combat crime in the area.

In a national first, a group of elite officers have been armed with state of the art Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology with instant access to a network of cameras across the country, and new, high performance, customised BMWs.

Known as the The Sentinels, these officers are tasked with tracking down some of the UK’s most serious criminals and getting them off the streets.

Following real stories as they happen, the series features issues including drug trafficking, human trafficking, violent, serious and complex crimes. It highlights the challenges and criminal trends the Police in Suffolk are facing on a day-to-day basis.

In episode one, which will air on Sunday 18th April, The Sentinels take down a major organised crime group suspected of smuggling drugs into the county. The episode covers a series of intense chases in a tense operation taking place over several weeks.

Fast Justice will also be available to watch on catch up via UKTV Play.

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