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Local veteran takes on sky dive for charity

A local veteran from Beccles took on a charity skydive last month to raise money for SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, after losing 42kg in weight.

Paul Oliver, aged 57, decided to raise money for the Armed Forces charity by taking on an epic sky-dive and weight-loss challenge.

Paul said: “For many years, I have had a weight issue and it was very embarrassing for me. Doing a sky-dive has always been something that I have wanted to do, so I promised myself that if I could get to the required weight, I would do a tandem jump for charity.”

The former soldier, who served in the Royal Signals for 14 years, began making low-calorie meals and cooking videos, which resulted in him eventually losing 42kg.

Paul continued: “The last time I was this weight was when I was in the Army. I now feel healthier and better within myself. I am now able to do everyday things more comfortably like go for walks and bend down to put my shoes on.”

Paul took on his epic tandem skydive on Saturday 1st May at the UK Parachuting Centre in Beccles and has raised over £1,700 for SSAFA.

“For the jump, I decided to be different and wore a bright shirt, waistcoat and tie. I did have bowler hat, but I didn’t think it would stay on whilst coming down! When we did the jump, it started to rain but it didn’t feel cold and the view from that height was just outstanding, it would have been better had there been no clouds.”

“I have raised just over £1,724 for SSAFA but any kind donations are still gratefully appreciated.”

If you would like to support Paul, please visit:


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