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Broadband speed boost for town as full fibre arrives

Bungay residents find out more about full fibre broadband

Those living and working in Bungay are being encouraged to take advantage of some of the fastest, most reliable broadband connections available in the UK.

It follows Openreach’s pledge earlier this year to make ultra-fast and ultra-reliable full fibre broadband available in 8 rural locations across East Anglia.

Since then, engineers have been busy building the new network in Bungay, installing 100 kilometres of fibre cables – enough to stretch from the town centre to Cambridge – to provide more than 3,000 local homes and businesses with the new service.

With around 90 per cent of the engineering work already complete, Openreach engineers have taken their ‘fibre roadshow’ to Bungay town centre to raise awareness of the benefits that full fibre can bring.

Openreach’s regional partnership director, Laura Whelan, said: “We’re making incredible progress in Bungay, and our build has continued despite the obvious challenges of recent months. Local people were really interested in our fibre roadshow, and we continue to encourage everyone to upgrade to the new technology and take advantage of the many benefits.

Openreach’s regional partnership director, Laura Whelan

“We still have a bit more work to do so people living in Bungay will continue to see our engineers working in and around the town for a little while yet. We know this will have a huge positive influence, making Bungay one of the best-connected areas in the UK. Moving forward, we’re really keen to hear how people are using the new full fibre network and the difference it makes to their everyday lives.”

The news that most people living and working in Bungay can now place an order for full fibre is being welcomed by the Town Council.

Bungay Mayor, Bob Prior, commented: “Full fibre is great news for Bungay. It’s so much faster, more reliable and you’ll all know that your internet service will be able to handle anything you throw at it for decades to come – great reassurance for people looking to buy property or locate a business.”

The full fibre build in Bungay follows successful trials which enabled engineers to try out new ways of building in market towns and villages.

Not only did it help develop a range of new tools, skills and techniques to help reach places previously considered too complex or expensive to upgrade, but it also enabled engineers to get to grips with new equipment that enables them to work faster and with far less disruption for local communities.

Building the new network in Bungay is a complex and time-consuming task and will have taken the best part of 12 months to complete by the time the final premises are connected. Engineers are using existing infrastructure – like telephone poles – wherever possible to minimise disruption.

As well as laying 100km of fibre, more than 2km of underground ducting has been replaced and a number of blockages cleared.

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  • I have been trying to get FTTP for years and currently I am still being told it’s not available in my area. I live on a fairly large housing estate in the Waveney Road/Wherry Road area so I see no excuse for not providing it in my part of Bungay.
    I have recently approached both BT and Openreach without success, in fact, neither have been able to give me a date in the future when it will be available.
    It seems to me that people who live in areas served by poles stand far more chance of getting the service because it is easier and cheaper to provide.
    I have “registered my interest” with Openreach on several occasions but to date have been met with silence!
    If there’s something else I should be doing I would love to be advised.