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Police & festival organisers working together as Latitude returns

Suffolk’s biggest event since the end of lockdown will see police working closely with the festival organisers to ensure everyone goes home with great memories.

The music and arts festival, Latitude, takes place between Thursday 22nd July and Sunday 25th July, two years on from when it was last held, with police reminding festival-goers of crime prevention tips such as being careful with their possessions.

The number of people attending the event each year means Latitude has a population equivalent to the size of a small town and, with the setting, the chance to see a variety of acts, and a relaxed atmosphere it can be easy to forget about safety and security. 

The main crime at music festivals across the UK tends to be thefts from tents on campsites. Phones, laptops, tablets and cash are typically the most stolen items. In previous years there have been a number of such offences, many on the first night of the festival when it’s likely that criminals target tents on the assumption that those camping are settling in and have not made plans for their security.

Other thefts have occurred while festival goers had their attention diverted while they were watching performances. This included instances where people had camera equipment stolen from near their feet, thefts from bags that were being carried and items stolen from pockets.

With this in mind, police are asking you to think about security before you head to the site and to consider a few simple pieces of advice that should help to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time.

  • Stick with your friends and look out for each other.
  • Follow the advice of stewards and security personnel on the site.
  • With warm weather likely, moderate your alcohol consumption. Overdo it and you may find yourself in trouble with the police or stewards. Have a glass of water between drinks and pace yourself.
  • Be careful. Festivals give you the opportunity to meet new friends but going off alone with people who you’ve just met may lead you into situations you don’t want to be in. 
  • There is safety in groups. Set up camp near friends, make friends with your neighbours and learn the layout of the site so you can find what you need – toilets/ stewards, etc., without getting lost. You can always ask staff for help with directions or anything else you may need.
  • Don’t bring large sums of cash, lots of credit/ debit cards, or lots of valuables with you. Only bring what you need and keep them on you, or in a locker, at all times.
  • If you can’t take your valuables with you when you leave your tent leave them at home. A tent offers little, if any, security and can easily be entered even if the entrance is padlocked.
  • Make use of the property Storage Tent onsite, open 24 hours, to store your valuables and possessions securely.
  • Place any property that would be attractive to thieves (cash, credit cards, mobile phones, cameras, etc.) inside a bag and tuck it into your sleeping bag when you go to sleep with larger items at your feet. 
  • If you arrive by car don’t leave anything in your vehicle, including satellite navigation systems/ CDs, cash etc. Take everything with you or leave it at home. 
  • Keep mobile phones secure. It’s easy for a pickpocket to remove items such as these from a pocket or bag in a crowd without you noticing. 

Report any suspicious activity to security or stewards on site or, in an emergency, if you believe a crime is in progress, dial 999.

Police are also reminding motorists that there may be some delays on the A12 near Henham as thousands of festival goers flock to the site. Traffic is likely to be slow-moving along the A12, particularly between Yoxford and the site. 

Police are advising drivers to leave extra time for your journey and if you can avoid the area please do so. If you’re heading to the site you may also wish to consider public transport options, as buses are laid on from local railway stations to the site.


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