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Power network engineer rewarded by employer

John Duller received an award from UK Power Networks – Photo: UK Power Networks

An engineer from Kesgrave has been rewarded by his employer for being a key player in getting the electricity switched back on during a bad storm.

UK Power Networks has recognised John Duller as part of the company’s 10th anniversary celebrations, and presented him with a special award.

Thirty-five years ago he joined the electricity industry and worked as a substation fitter before training to be an engineer. He had various roles until he became control systems and automation manager.

John said: “We monitor the power to people’s homes, redirect supplies when a fault occurs and facilitate the safety of the public and our staff. I’ve seen many storms over the years which have disrupted power supplies, and it is always a pleasure to see the camaraderie and dedication to getting our customers back on supply.

“Seeing automation evolve from our ideas, to today’s high tech system, and making an impact on UK Power Networks’ performance is something I am very proud of.”

He was given the 10 year Network Ninja award for the contribution he has made with his team to getting the power flowing again as quickly as possible and bringing in two new systems called PORT and APRS which have reduced powercuts. Electricity supplies are now 99.9% reliable.

John added: “I was surprised and humbled to receive the award on behalf of the team.”

Mark Adolphus, director of connections at UK Power Networks said: “John has made an enormous contribution with his team to getting the power back on. This is a well deserved award.”