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Over 30 vehicles checked during day of action

Over 30 vehicles were escorted back to a check site in Lowestoft during a day of action led by the Roads and Armed Policing Team earlier this week.

Out of those taken to the check site, only two were clear of any offences.

The operation took place on Monday 22nd February, with the aim of disrupting and frustrating the activities of criminals, including organised crime groups, who commit offences across county borders whilst using the road network.

Vehicles identified as being potentially involved in criminality were brought back to a check site in Clifton Road, where police officers conducted checks of the vehicles and occupants.

Officers are also focused on all-round road safety and the fatal four offences of drink/drug driving, driving whilst using a mobile phone, speeding, and not wearing a seatbelt.

Anyone suspected of committing any of these offences was also stopped, along with people driving vehicles which were unroadworthy or had a defect. All of these actions serve towards making the county’s roads safer and reduce the likelihood of someone being killed or seriously injured by an illegally/unsafely driven or defective vehicle.

The operation was carried-out by officers from the Roads and Armed Policing Team, Road Casualty Reduction Team and Sentinel Team.

One partner agency was also in attendance, namely Marston’s Civil Debt Recovery.

A total of 32 vehicles were escorted back to the check site, with just two leaving the site clear of any offences.

24 Traffic Offence Reports were issued as follows: 16 for not wearing a seatbelt; two for no MOT; two for number plate offences; and one each for no insurance; using a mobile phone; tinted windows; overweight vehicle.

One fixed penalty notice was issued for a breach of Covid-19 regulations.

Five vehicle defect rectification notices were also issued; one vehicle was seized and two vehicles were issued with immediate prohibition notices. Six people provided negative breath tests.

Sergeant Neil Clarke, of the Roads and Armed Policing Team, said: “This was another productive day of action and the fact that TORs or fixed penalty/defect notices were issued in respect of 30 of the 32 vehicles brought back to the check site, demonstrates the targeted way in which we identify potential offenders.

“These operations highlight the fact that far too many people are still driving vehicles whilst committing a deliberate offence, or which perhaps unbeknown to them have a defect of some description.

“We will continue to use days of action like these, both to target any criminals who may be travelling through Suffolk, but also to remove unsafe vehicles and people driving illegally, making our roads and county as a whole safer for everyone.”

Tim Passmore, Police and Crime Commissioner for Suffolk, said: “It’s great to see another valuable day of action delivering such impressive results, well done to everyone involved.

“It never fails to amaze me how many of the vehicles stopped by the police have defects or are committing traffic offences. Whilst it is very disappointing that so many drivers take to road without due regard to their safety; it’s a real credit to the police officers involved to be able identify offenders so successfully.

“I absolutely support this dynamic, targeted approach to roads policing. Keeping unsafe vehicles and dangerous drivers off our roads is key to making our roads safer for all.”

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