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Security patrols interrupt Banksy vandalism

The cocktail rat artwork has been covered in paint – Photo: Jack Woodfield

East Suffolk Council have stated that security patrols covering sites of Banksy artwork in Lowestoft interrupted an individual defacing one piece and prevented further damage.

They have also said that materials are already on order which will protect the art pieces from further acts of vandalism.

Photos posted to social media early this morning, Sunday 15th August, showed the cocktail rat artwork on the town’s North Beach covered in paint.

An East Suffolk Council spokesperson said: “We are naturally appalled that someone has chosen to behave in such a selfish and mindless way given how excited we are all by the appearance of these works here on the east coast. We are, however, hopeful that this particular work can be restored, and are engaging with specialists.

“Prior to confirmation that the works are genuine Banksy pieces, we had already placed an order for protective materials which will safeguard the works in Lowestoft and Oulton Broad. It is critically important that we protect the pieces with materials which are fit for purpose and we hope to complete this work shortly.

“In the interim, we have also employed security patrols to visit each site and on this occasion, our patrols actually interrupted the individual defacing this work and prevented any further damage occurring. Information from this is now being passed to the police.

“We are very grateful for the huge goodwill of local people who are proud of these artworks, but we would kindly ask people not to try and repair the works themselves and to please leave this to professional restorers.”


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