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New campaign aims to get people recycling right

As part of an ongoing drive to build the right environment for East Suffolk, a new campaign is being launched to help people get their recycling right.

East Suffolk Council is launching a new recycling campaign across its social media channels to get a better understanding of how much residents know about recycling in East Suffolk and what the Council can do to help when it comes to knowing what goes into what bin.

This comes after more than 5000 tonnes (about 24%) of recycling in East Suffolk is rejected annually due to the wrong items being placed in kerbside recycling bins, including glass, black sacks, food waste, cartons and nappies.

Cllr James Mallinder, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “The majority of households in East Suffolk are good at recycling, but as we continue to deal with the challenges of climate change there is still a lot more we need to do to ensure we’re recycling the right items and all doing our bit for the environment.

“Confusion can cause contamination, so we are determined to help households reduce the amount of wrong items they put in their recycling bins by making sure they know what can and cannot be recycled. This is important because there is a threshold of how much contaminated waste a truck load can have before it is rejected, so we need to make sure we are recycling right.

“The environment is one of the key principles of our strategic plan and this commitment has been further highlighted by our declaration of a climate emergency in 2019, and we all have a role to play in making better decision for the sake of our environment. By thinking about how we dispose of our waste and making the right decisions, we all contribute to a solution. These small changes in our behaviour will make a big difference over time and help us build environmentally sustainable communities.”

For more information on what can be recycled through your kerbside recycling bin or at your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre, go to