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Contemporary artist creates new mural at hotel

Rachel List mural at The Angel – Photo: Phil Morley

Contemporary artist Rachel List has been commissioned by Bury St Edmunds town centre Angel Hotel to create a mural outside the entrance.

Rachel, who gained prominence during the first lockdown with her painting ‘NHS Angel’, also has several of her artworks currently on display at the ‘Moments’ exhibition of modern art in Moyse’s Hall Museum until 30th September.

Delighted with the new artwork, which is free for both hotel guests and the public to view, Fiona Bovill, Group Sales and Marketing Manager, Gough Hotels said: “We invited Rachel List to create an artwork at the entrance to our hotel as her ‘Angel’ work was very appropriate for us. We are very pleased with the mural which leads guests perfectly into the hotel.”

Commenting on her work Rachel List added: “Being called the ‘Angel’ Hotel for me instantly brings forward images of white feathers; the hotel itself is also incredibly stylish image wise. So, when they asked for a mural with a single angel wing, it was my aim to create something subtle that you could almost walk by.

“The key word being ‘almost’, something relaxing and welcoming for guests. I used acrylics and masonry paint to create the mural but was under the mercy of the great British weather, which at the time was torrential rain. However, that can be part of the fun of a mural and the way I work, to create something in the moment.”


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