Guest membership offer for customers of closed cinemas

The cinema is offering a free guest membership – Photo: Terry Hawkins

Abbeygate Cinema in Bury St Edmunds is offering a free guest membership to customers who find their regular cinema closed.

The independent cinema, located on Hatter Street, is keen to keep the love of cinema going during these difficult times so has come up with this special offer.

It’s been a turbulent time with several hard-hitting announcements last week directly impacting the cinema world and disheartening cinema-goers across the country.

Members of cinemas in Bury St Edmunds, as well as neighbouring towns and cities, which have temporarily had to close during these difficult times, are invited to show their cinema membership card at Abbeygate Cinema to receive a temporary guest membership for 6 months.

This will give them up to £2 off every cinema ticket and 10% off food and drink in the cinema’s No.4 Restaurant & bar.

Andrea Holmes, Marketing Manager explains “We are inviting cinema lovers, who currently find their usual cinema closed during these difficult times, to come and join us so that they can continue to enjoy films the way they should be watched, on the big screen!”

“As we all continue to meet and endure the challenges of COVID-times, some entertainment during the coming weeks is going to be hugely important and I think a trip to the cinema will be something people will want to do particularly as the colder weather and dark nights approach. We are saddened by the news that many cinemas are temporarily closing and we want to preserve the love of cinema for their customers until all cinemas are back – open and showing great films on the big screen once more!”

At a time when cinemas are finding ways of coping with social-distancing regulations and battling against a collapsing film release schedule with a multitude of titles postponed and cancelled, Abbeygate Cinema continues to endure with over 50 film titles on offer in the coming weeks.

The cinema is open for COVID-secure business from Tuesday to Sunday each week and their upcoming 6-week film schedule offers something for everyone including 80’s Rewind Season, Classic Sundays, ‘Our World’ Documentaries and BFI: London Film Festival titles and 4K specials, many programmed on the new stadium seated, state of the art Premier Screen.

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