Road junction to close to create safer neighbourhood

The junction of Lancaster Avenue and Tollgate Lane will be closed – Photo: Google

A road junction in Bury St Edmunds is to be closed by Suffolk County Council in support of the Government’s active travel measures.

The measures are intended to make active travel the first choice for people going about their daily lives.

As part of the measures the council intends to close Lancaster Avenue at its junction with Tollgate Lane to motor traffic on an experimental basis.

The council say their intention is to create a safer, quieter neighbourhood for residents, pedestrians and cyclists – particularly those travelling to the nearby schools.

The closure of Lancaster Avenue will be followed by a six month consultation period where residents can see the impact of the closure and provide feedback accordingly.

In a letter to residents Suffolk County Council state “if the closure is not working as anticipated, we can change its location, add other measures or remove the scheme at short notice.”

Is is planned that work will commence on 29th September and the work is expected to take 4 nights to complete.

3 thoughts on “Road junction to close to create safer neighbourhood

  1. What letter to residents? The company contracted to deliver them did not deliver. No thought given to disabled and infirm residents. How will they get about? Public consultation after the event? Feels rather like a dictatorship.

  2. there has been no previous warning of intent to close the road junction onto our estate ,all the residents are up in arms about this as it impacts on there daily lives emergency services have to make a much longer journey as well as the extra traffic having to pass through fewer roads ,what are suffolk county council thinking of with this crackpot scheme to make it a safer neighbourhood for pedestrians and cyclists when nobody wants or needs it also dont they have to give notice of planned roadworks we all found out on social media a couple of days ago what a waste of money the planners need to be questioned about this a very annoyed estate resident

  3. Whilst the council have declared their intentions in putting these measures in place they have not declared their intended outcomes. Without this how will it be possible to measure the success or otherwise of this scheme. Neither have they produced the results of any investigations they have done to initiate this scheme. I wonder therefore what has promoted their actions

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