Four men arrested for suspected hare coursing

Four men were arrested – Photo: Haverhill Police

Four men have been arrested following reports of suspected hare coursing in the county this afternoon.

At around 2pm today, Thursday 8th October, officers from the Safer Neighbourhood Team, Neighbourhood Response Team and Roads & Armed Policing team were called to reports of hare coursing in the Wickhambrook area of the county.

The National Police Air Service (NPAS) helicopter was also called into assist with the search for the offenders.

Along with the arrests a silver coloured estate vehicle and four dogs were also seized in the Great Wratting area.

Four men have been arrested on suspicion of poaching offences and will be questioned by officers.

Officers were assisted by the NPAS helicopter – Photo: Haverhill Police

6 thoughts on “Four men arrested for suspected hare coursing

    1. Hooray put the scumbags away for a very long time. If you don’t they will be back again this time more wise and cute to avoid being caught.

  1. I would rather my taxes be spent on more important things than chasing hare coursers! Total waste of tax payers money. There’s no such thing as a poor farmer these days, they grow crops that produce the highest profits rather than crops that we need instead of importing food.

    1. Are you suggesting that farmers should not have help because they are not poor. Or that crime should be prioritized for most needy cause ? Or that you feel that as a tax payer , you should have a say in what crime is being tackled ? Or that we have so many fields of crops that a little bit of damage is acceptable to you ?

    2. It’s got little to do with protecting farmers. Apart from the obvious animal cruelty – “Hare Coursing” it’s in the name. The coursing is live streamed internationally for illegal betting purposes, I will leave it to your imagination what sort of people they are. The dogs used are often stolen family pets. These dogs are often abandoned. If confronted by members of the public or landowners violence and intimidation follows.The vehicles they use are usually stolen or have fake plates. Do you still think it’s such a waste of police time?

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